An abstract base class for any model that expresses a time-range. Adds start and end nullable DateTimeFields, and a timeframed manager that returns only objects for whom the current date-time lies within their time range.


This abstract base class just provides self-updating created and modified fields on any model that inherits from it.


Pulls together StatusField, MonitorField and QueryManager into an abstract base class for any model with a “status.”

Just provide a STATUS class-attribute (a Choices object or a list of two-tuples), and your model will have a status field with those choices, a status_changed field containing the date-time the status was last changed, and a manager for each status that returns objects with that status only:

from model_utils.models import StatusModel
from model_utils import Choices

class Article(StatusModel):
    STATUS = Choices('draft', 'published')

# ...

a = Article()
a.status = Article.STATUS.published

# this save will update a.status_changed

# this query will only return published articles:


This abstract base class just provides field is_removed which is set to True instead of removing the instance. Entities returned in default manager are limited to not-deleted instances.